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Kodi links:
KODI | Download (Windows, Android & Android TV, Linux, macOS, iOS, tvOS) (Android WBMC 18.9-v7a, 18.9-v8a) | Releases | Official Addons | UnOfficial Addons
Raspberry Pi: LibreELEC | Raspberry Pi Imager / Noobs, PINN, PiBakery, BerryBoot, BerryBoot Images

Remote: Yatse: Kodi remote control and cast | Kore, Official Remote for Kodi (Official Kodi Remote for iOS) | Remote for Kodi / XBMC

Apps (useful, in addition to using Kodi):
Wako (Trakt, RD, subscription) | PlayStore link | App Store link | GitHub link | Addons:
Helios | Config: Providers URL & Orion | scraper4wako
Nomos | Config: Plugins URL
Oola | TMDb adult content || Official: IMDb | The Movie DB | Kodi Select | Watch Now | Watch on iTunes | Premiumize Explorer
Unchained (RD) | PlayStore link | F-Droid link | GitHub link
Other (streaming apps):
Stremio (Win, Linux, macOS, Android, Android TV, iOS) | Web App | The Great List of Stremio Addons, Awesome Stremio
Syncler (Android, Android TV, subscription) | Syncler Packages, Repository for SynclerScrapers
Weyd (Android TV, subscription)
Rokkr / Watched (Win, Linux, macOS, Android) | URLs: HUHU.TO, OHA.TO, OLA.TO
Dezor (Win, Linux, macOS, Android) | URLs: KOOL.TO

Accounts (required and preferred for most addons):
Trakt | "activate" "status" |,
Premium: RealDebrid | "activate" "API Private token" > ResolveURL URLResolver (dependencies) | AllDebrid, Premiumize, Easynews
Orion - Media Index | "panel" | Free Daily Links Limit: 100
Youtube | "activate" | Personal API Keys FAQ, How to Create and Setup Youtube API Key, ID and Secret for Kodi?
Optional (API):
IMDb | TMDb | TheTVDB | TheAudioDB | OMDb | SIMKL | Fanart | OpenWeather | |

Best Kodi Addons (Free, RealDebrid) by categories

TheMovieDb Helper | Repo: Repo of all Repositories, jurialmunkey Alpha Repository, Official | Players: tmdbplayers
Seren (RD) | Repo: dEXE, Nixgates Repo | Providers: a4kScrapers , Orion | Themes: themes for skins
a4kStreaming (RD, IMDb/no Trakt) | Repo: dEXE, a4kStreaming Repository | Providers: a4kScrapers
FEN (RD) | Repo: dEXE, Tikipeter's Repository | Providers: CocoScrapers
Umbrella (RD) | Repo: dEXE, Umbrella Repository | Providers: CocoScrapers
Elementum (Pulsar/Quasar fork) (Torrent) | Repo: dEXE | P2P Providers: Burst, Context Helper

The Crew / Ghost, Homelander, Moria, Absolution (RD & Free) | Repo: THE CREW REPO
The Promise (The Oath fork) (Free & RD) | Repo: The WareHouse Repository
Ezra (FEN fork) (RD) | Repo: Ezra Repository
TAZ19 (FEN fork) (RD) | Repo: Octopus Repository
POV (FEN fork) (RD) | Repo: kodifitzwell repository
LooNatics Empire (Venom fork) (RD & Free) | Repo: The WareHouse Repository
Dynasty (RD & Free) | Repo: The WareHouse Repository
Asgard (RD & Free) | Repo: Narcacist's Wizard Repository
Shadow (RD) | Repo: Narcacist's Wizard Repository
Magic Dragon (Free & RD) | Repo: Narcacist's Wizard Repository
Nightwing (Free & RD) | Repo: Magnetic Repo
Scrubs v2 (Free & RD) | Repo: dEXE, JewRepo
Crackle (Free) | Repo: dEXE, Official

The Oath | Repo: host505
FEN | Repo: tikipeter-0.0.6
Venom | Repo: venom
Kingpin (Venom fork) | Repo: kingpin

Video All in One:
Gratis | Repo: dEXE
UK Turk Playlists | Repo: dEXE

Programs / Services:
Realizer (RD) / Premiumizer | Repo: dEXE
RealDebrid (RD) | Repo: dEXE
Account Manager (RD, AD, P) | Repo: dEXE

Cartoons & Anime:
WatchNixtoons2 | Repo: dEXE
Kaito / Otaku | Repo: Hooty's Repository

Subloader (service) | Repo: dEXE, DenimNani Repo || autoSRT | AutoSubs (Official), Subtitles Mangler (Official)
Titlovi (Unofficial 1.3.0) | Repo: dEXE | WebPage, GitHub
a4kSubtitles | Repo: dEXE, a4kSubtitles Repository
OpenSubtitles / | Repo: Official

GreenKlik Premium | Repo: dEXE

Daddylive | Repo: dEXE
The TV app | Repo: dEXE
The Crew Sports | Repo: THE CREW REPO
Sport HD | Repo: Bugatsinho repository
ApeX Sports | Repo: Arxtic Ape Addon Repository
Mad Titan Sports | Repo: Magnetic Repo
Rising Tides | Repo: Rising Tides Repository
The Endzone | Repo: Grindhouse Repository
The Loop | Repo: Loop Repository
Sportowa TV | Repo: mbebe

BauBau Vavoo | Repo: dEXE
Mega IPTV | Repo: dEXE
Json IPTV | Repo: dEXE

MP3 Streams | Repo: dEXE
Radio | Repo: dEXE, Official
TuneIn Radio | Repo: dEXE
TuneIn2017 | Repo: dEXE
YT Music EXP | Repo: dEXE
datpiff Mixtapes | Repo: dEXE
Dash Radio | Repo: dEXE
FDJ.HD | Repo: frenchdj repository

Cumination | Repo: dEXE, Dobbelina Repository

Internet Archive Game Launcher, Retro BIOS Tool | Repo: dEXE, Zach Morris Add-ons
ROM Collection Browser | Repo: dEXE
Advanced MAME Launcher | Repo: Official
DOSBox | Repo: Official
Moonlight launcher (Linux) | Repo: dEXE

Legal Subscription Streaming (inputstream.adaptive & widevine):
Netflix | Repo: CastagnaIT Repository
Amazon VOD | Repo: Sandmann79s Repository
Discovery+ | Repo: Dis90 add-on repository
HBO Max | Repo: SlyGuy Repository
Disney+ | Repo: SlyGuy Repository
Hulu | Repo: SlyGuy Repository
Paramount+ | Repo: SlyGuy Repository
Spotify | Repo: -
Deezer | Repo: -
Tidal | Repo: TIDAL2 Addons

Orion | Repo: dEXE, Orion Repository
Yatse Add-on for Kodi | Repo: dEXE, Yatse Kodi Add-on repository
KCleaner | Repo: dEXE

Estuary Matrix/Nexus Mod & Others | Repo: Repo of all Repositories